Health and education

A. Fighting against HIV-AIDS

IDA-Rwanda works with different groups of widows and children infected and affected by HIV AIDS, 10 groups of 300 women are being supported in small projects with income generation in three districts of the country. In addition to this, all groups have already initiated the monthly saving and lending system; all group members have been trained in bio-intensive agriculture so that they are increasing agricultural production on small scales.

B. Fighting against alcohol and drugs in youths

Nowadays, alcohol and drugs in young people are becoming a pandemic. We work with different partners to end this pandemic; starting in the 7 most-affected districts but with the purpose of covering the whole country. Youths are mobilized to get out of that pandemic, former drug users are psychologically treated and then grouped for the purpose of creating small businesses.

C. Access to the education of vulnerable and minority children

We support vulnerable children to have access to quality education by providing to them school materials, school fees where necessary and organize holiday camps to teach them different ethic values.

D. Strengthening of health facilities

We also construct and equip health posts in rural communities where they are most needed. The health post above has been constructed and equipped by IDA Rwanda; it is serving more than 5000 people in Ngororero District, Western province of Rwanda.